There are so many trading "techniques" out there that life becomes confusing. Forget the fact that most of them are insanely complicated, and even if they weren't which one should you use?

The general stock market is trading around all-time highs and finding stocks with massive upside potential is extremely difficult these days. Taking that into consideration a lot of traders have turned to investing in penny stocks which typically trade for less than a dollar and have the fantastic characteristic of being able to jump very quickly.

It's good to know that penny stocks can do that, but again we have another dilemma; Which stock should you invest in? There are literally tens of thousands of penny stocks out there and finding the right one to invest your hard earned money in can be difficult.

At this newsletter we specialize in finding new issuances (companies that have JUST come on the stock market) that we believe could soar in the coming weeks and months. Why new issuances you may ask? That's because NO ONE knows about them. We go through an in-depth process of dissecting the companies and figuring out where they are going, and for the most part we are right. The companies we have featured on this newsletter have on average gained upwards of 300% EACH! Sure there has been a few that have only gained 30% or 50% but they can't all be massive winners.

The only guarantee is that if you follow the newsletter closely and buy each one of the companies we feature you will average a phenomenal rate of return on investment.

Let us do the research and send you the free reports. You don't have to do anything other than read them (they are usually a short read) and figure out if you are of the same opinion as us or not.

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