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from Sacramento

To all you guys at PrimePennyStocks, I wish I can find a way to thank you enough for what you have given me. Your picks are constantly on the mark and I can't believe how accurate they are. Before this I'd have to admit penny stocks scared me, but I've learnt so much in these past 3 months! Just by following your picks I was able to free myself of my previous debt burdens and even saved enough to finally consider remodeling my home. Thank you so much and keep those picks coming!


from Charlotte

I would like to say, you guys have been awesome. I didn't pay much attention to it much at first but after 4 winners in a row, I am now eagerly glued to my email inbox awaiting the next pick. I more than doubled my investment in each of the 4 previous picks, and could have gotten even more if not for my conservative ways. I'm sure your next pick will be just as awesome. Thank you guys!


from Saratosa

I can't begin to thank you enough - I more than tripled my money with just one of your picks last month. It was so easy - all I did was to follow your pick and it tripled within a week! It was so amazing and satisfying to watch it go up and up. After I sold the stock and exited, it continued to go up for another week! I could have made more, but no worries, I'm looking forward to your next big pick!

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